Jul 4, 2009

Hello Kitty Hat

Long time no update - but that doesn't mean I haven't been out and about scouring for Hello Kitty items. It's winter in Australia right now - my least favourite season :(

I was shopping with my boyfriend the other week and we wandered past one of those stands that sell socks, hats, scarves - stuff to keep you warm in the colder months. I turned around for a better look as we walked past and spotted ..

+ Hello Kitty pj's, yeeeeah (Y)

I have the chubbiest, kiddyish face for an 18 y/o ..


As you can tell, I brought it :) It's so warm - the white fluffy material reminded me of cream and I couldn't stop touching it. It keeps not only my head warm but my EARS too! Here's a pic of something I picked up last winter for the same price - $20.

Bad photos, but hey .. you get the drift. ;)

In case you don't, they're Hello Kitty EARMUFFS! Also super adorable and warm but I won't be needing them much now that I have a hat. Or will I? Depends on what I feel like wearing. ;)