May 23, 2009

MAC Hello Kitty Lip Gloss

Guess what finally came in! Yep .. the MAC Hello Kitty lip gloss I ordered from eBay last week. Great timing too, the mail came just before I left for a full-on day at uni yesterday.

As I mentioned, these were a BARGAIN! The cheapest I've seen these glosses go for on eBay. I initially ordered the pink and white but before posting, the seller checked and messaged me saying the white one had leaked and it was the last in stock. So, I picked out the red-orange one .. it smells like oranges.

Hopefully more to come, when I have the money :)

May 13, 2009

Hunt for MAC comes to a happy end

Yes, you read it .. after many painful months of trying to get my paws on a MAC x Hello Kitty item, other than my shopper tote, I have finally succeeded.

Presenting ..

MAC X HELLO KITTY: 'Too Dolly' eyeshadow quad



I got it in David Jones, Melbourne when I was there a few weeks back. I could've easily got it in Myer or David Jones here, but, well .. here's the story:

Me: Ooh, MAC! I wonder if they still have the Hello Kitty collection *wanders over*
*eyes light up at the sight of MAC x Hello Kitty eyeshadow*
Me: So pretty ..
Boyfriend: Do you want it? *pulls money out of wallet*
Me: @________________o"? What? NOOOO. I can get it in Adelaide
Boyfriend: I know you want it
Me: Noooo save it so we can shop for clothes or something
Boyfriend: ...
Sales chick: I wish my boyfriend pulled out money every time I wanted something
Boyfriend: Just get it, I know it'll make you happy
Me: *going red*
*ends up buying the 'Too Dolly' eyeshadow quad, $85*
Sales chick: *hands me bag* you have a really great boyfriend

Ahh, indeed I do :)

Anyways, during my many hours of procrastination tonight and eBaying while I should be doing assignments, I wound up searching for MAC x Hello Kitty and made 2 impulse purchases of their lip gloss - a white/clear one and a pink/purple shade for the low, low price of AU$8.99!

Recommend go searching it up, it's a bargain for MAC products! Located in Melbourne too so postage should be quick, I'll blog about it when I receive them :)

May 11, 2009

Hello Kitty Goodies

Had a few bucks remaining for the fortnight (I get more money tomorrow) so I wandered into the new Morning Glory that opened in the foodcourt last week. To celebrate their new store, they're having huge sales (30-50% off everything in store, etc).

The 'today's special' table was at the front and today it was '2 for $5', anything on the table. I checked it out last week and they had Hello Kitty cutlery sets, as well as pencil cases, clipboards, gift boxes, etc. I picked out these:

Hello Kitty cutlery set (spoon, fork, chopsticks)

Hello Kitty pencil case

I already have a pink pencil case for uni that I brought at the beginning of the year at another Morning Glory sale. It's basically the same compartments etc, just that .. it's not Hello Kitty!

I ran into my friend at uni earlier who asked to borrow my highlighter .. but it was pink. Yes, it's a guy. I met up with him later and he told me he brought 2 highlighters from Morning Glory for only $1.30 - apparently there was one pink one left. So, I strolled over to the pens etc and - lucky me - the pink one was still there .. and it was HELLO KITTY!

Hello Kitty highlighter

There was only yellow and green left - Pooh Bear and Keroppi.

In total: $7.05. I think I got undercharged, I'm pretty sure 30% off $1.95 for the highlighter isn't $1.05. But oh well :)