Jan 23, 2013

Hello, hello! - the rebirth


It has been quite a while since I last blogged .. a few years, actually. I started this blog when I was 17-18 and it's safe to say a lot has changed since then - except for my Hello Kitty addiction! (how corny, heh)

Fast forward to the present. It's 2013, I'm 22 years old. For the last few years, I've been on a crazy mission to take over *ahem* see as much of the world as I can - I've become a crazy, passionate traveler. Expect lots of awesome Hello Kitty finds from around the globe, as well as little bits of Kitty-sightings here and there! And if you can put up with my rambling and whining about Hello Kitty items and my need of such, then hopefully you will enjoy this blog!

Bit more rambling and Hello Kitty goodness coming soon.

Vick xx