Feb 16, 2010

Sydney Shopper - Take 2

I'm so horrible with my blogging, my updates are so 'blah' and untimely :(

Anyways, must rant about my Sydney trip .. again! Picture heavy to make up for my absence.

As usual, hit Paddy's Markets on a Sunday to see what goodies I could snap up.

I picked up this 'roly poly' inflatable thing for $10, it came flat. The bottom has sand/beans (not sure) to weigh it down so it stands up, when you try and push it over it just kinda rolls around.

That was the ONLY thing I picked up from Paddy's markets! (I know, even I was shocked).

Headed upstairs to Market City though and scanned the stalls, one was having a '10% off' sale so I picked up these:

1. Hello Kitty padlock - not entirely sure when or why I'd use one, but it looks cool, hey? $6, minus 10% = $5.40. Comes with 2 keys and the lock seems fairly sturdy :)

2. Hello Kitty mini drawer/container - in love with this! Picked it up for $12, initially I thought I'd use it to replace my blue Hello Kitty desk organizer (you know, cause it's blue) but I found a much better, satisfying use for it :) (second photo)

3. Hello Kitty foldable USB keyboard - down to $22.50! I actually needed one, my laptop backspace key is broken and my 'E' and 'O' have popped off. Thing is, I'm not sure how to get a USB keyboard working on my laptop :/ Hence why it's not plugged in in the photo below but eh, I'll figure it out soon :)

Found this part of the packaging amusing:

'Dustproof: Can be used in sandstorm'

*keep reading ..*

Also got this bag of Hello Kitty cookies from a small store in Market City. TBH they don't taste that great, but they're so cute to look at ^_^

Visited some store in World Square that was filled with imported goodies! They had a heap of Hello Kitty lollies and other sweets, unfortunately at about $5-$6 each :( I wanted all but settled with this bag of lollies:

Heh, they taste nice too!

Oh oh, I'm adding a little bit 'on the side'. I super LOVE arcades, especially the one in Sydney that has Hello Kitty toys! I won a few phone charms last time and was going for the new HK phone charms this time, but no such luck. I did, however, get these from the skill testers:

I spent $10 trying to win that pink phone holder in the middle! That included moving other toys in order to reach that one. But it's so worth it and SO CUTE, chucked my phone in it and it looks adorable ^_^:

Anyways, I'm departing Adelaide again tomorrow. This time to MELBOURNE! Will be back in 6 days with hopefully more reasonably-spaced posts :)