Oct 5, 2009

Awesome Sneakers

Quick post. I was just surfing eBay for some new sneakers and came across this:

Awwww! And they don't look that dodgey either! Might consider them ;)

Oct 3, 2009

Sydney Shopper

Apologies for the delay in blogging! I know I should post up my Hello Kitty showbag images from three weeks ago but I misplaced the images and as it is 10pm, really can't be bothered re-taking them at the moment.

So, I'll fill you in about the shopping I did in SYDNEY!

Our hotel was near Chinatown and Paddy's markets = guaranteed cheap Hello Kitty goodies!

Sticker Book x3 - 3 for $5
I was in desperate need of a new sticker book, my old one's running out. Why do I need stickers, you say? As if my pink folders aren't scary enough, they need to be covered in Hello Kitty. Same with my friends' stuff. You shouldn't be around me when I have my sticker book. Or now, books.

Playing Cards - $2
My last set of playing cards featured the cast of Meteor Garden. The cast of Meteor Garden = F4. Now when you play cards with me, instead of looking at Vanness Wu's sexy figure, you can look at Hello Kitty.

Bath Mat - $15
Yeah, it's a 'bath' mat, but I chucked it in my room. At least I'll be prepared for when I have my own place. I managed to haggle this down from $18 to $15 because the whole stand was HELLO KITTY! And I looked at the mat like a kid in a candy store. The nice woman asked if I really wanted it, and agreed to give it to me for $3 less :)

MAC Concealer - $10
Go ahead. Doubt the authenticity of this item. Because I know I do, HAHA! But it was $10 and makes a nifty addition to my collection.

Pillow Case - $6
Why NOT buy a pillow case? I had to add another pillow to my bed setting just to display my pillow case, bringing my pillow total to 7.

Drink Bottle - $6
While in Sydney, my friend had to go visit the gift fair so we all tagged along. It's where businesses order their products, so everything was at wholesale price. I got my friend to bring this back for me but it broke in her luggage :( Still, cute hey?

Phone Charms - 200 points
I love going to arcades interstate (because lame Adelaide doesn't have one anymore) and spending my nights gaming away :) Due to my slight gambling addiction, I always play the Deal or No Deal arcade game. The first time I ever played it was with my boyfriend (before we started dating) and due to beginners luck (or something else), I played until the end and opened my case to reveal 200 POINTS! - the maximum you can win in the game. I played it twice in Sydney - $3 per game. I won 5 points from my first try. For my second try, I picked my lucky number - 8. When it got down to crunch time, I was left with the 20 point case, the 200 point case or a 110 point deal. For me, NO DEAL! = 200 points :) I went to the counter to exchange my points for prizes and the guy pointed at the shelf with 200 point prizes. I thought I'd grab a Mario keyring for my boyfriend, until I looked at the shelf below and spotted a bunch of Hello Kitty phone charms for 50 points each .. my inner Hello Kitty lover took over and I walked away with 4 phone charms. YAY! The Mario keyring was ugly anyway =P

Plastic Curtain - $16
This is my THIRD ONE! I've owned two of these in the past, both the same design, both broken. Figured it was time to get a new and different design. I paid over $30 for the ones I got here in Adelaide, I found these in Morning Glory in Sydney for half the price! It was such a hassle bringing back but it was so cheap!

I'll end this blog with an image of my breakfast ..

Yes, it's a Krispy Kreme doughtnut. We don't have them in Adelaide :)