May 21, 2010

Kitty Haul

I need to go on a Kitty Haul this week! I've been meaning to for a while, there are a few sites that I wanted to order from but have been putting off.

FocalPrice, it's one of those cheap dodgy sites but stocks a lot of super cute Hello Kitty items! I'm planning on ordering in 2 different contact lenses cases (coloured contacts in a few weeks, yay!), a comb (mine broke, not happy T_T) and a mouse pad (I'm using a Hello Kitty one right now but it's falling apart).

Urban Outfitters, I plan on ordering 8 of the limited edition HK mini plushies! They're blindboxed, meaning it's totally random, for all I know I could end up with 8 of the same character .. but it's worth a shot! Considering it's free shipping over $100US until the end of this week, each plushie is $10US. Plus some HK lip balm (I have 4 boxes of MAC HK lipgloss sitting around) and a few other items of clothing!

I'm still working on my car, got 2 new items in this week from eBay that match with my 'theme', the bear Hello Kitty :) That's the majority of the inside done, I'm gonna start ordering stuff for the outside like bumper stickers and the extreme HELLO KITTY CAR DECALS, like massive faces that cover a whole door! Plus giant stickers that cover the ENGINE! It's about $70 for a whole set, I may or may not go to those extremes because I'm scared of my car being scratched or the stickers damaged in weather (it's the start of winter in Australia right now) so I'm still contemplating that. As much as I'd LOVE whole-car stickers, my car is green .. I've found some adorable designs, lots of pink and bows but it may not suit the colour :(

Also, I wanna make some HK nails! Nothing too flash, just some small HK bow pieces, maybe 2 faces and some nail lace stickers. Just something simple for everyday wear, perhaps pink and white! And maybe a few more plastic parts to make another phone cover if I can be stuffed (my cover cracked, I bought a silicon cover that I used for a few weeks then reverted back to the cracked deco one). Maybe some more magnets for my whiteboard too!

Will post up photos later tonight or tomorrow, still working on an assignment that was due yesterday eep. :(

May 6, 2010

Hello Kitty Car 2

I blogged a while ago about the items I had purchased for my car. I'm still on my learners, and will be for the next 2-3 months, but as soon as I'm regularly driving around these babies are going on my car (Y)

Everything finally came in, so here are some photos!

It's a 2006 Ford Fiesta. But it's green :( I'm not complaining though, it's pretty good for my 'first car'!

Back seat. I threw everything on roughly to see what it looked like. The headrests don't fit on this type of car, I'll find a way around it.

Front seat belt covers. I'm going to purchase another (probably different) set for the back seat belts :)

Matching steering wheel cover. You can remove the kitty :)

In total so far (yes, I plan to buy A LOT more), I've spent about $100. The sun shades are from the Philippines, I bought them like .. 8-9 years ago? And they've been sitting around ever since, waiting for this day to come *tear*. Still got a LONG way to go, this is nowhere near complete! It's just the basics, I'm going to add as much detail as I can to the car :)