Dec 5, 2009

Bow Kitty

Apologies for the lack of updates!

My friend just linked me to a YouTube video (I'm not sure why a 20 y/o male is looking this up, but hey):

Cute, hey? The transformation of Hello Kitty from when it began in 1974, up until now.

Anyways, the point of this blog was to show you this video:

To celebrate 35 years of Hello Kitty, Sanrio linked 5 different coloured bows with a meaning.

Red - friendship
Pink - cute
Yellow - heartful
Green - wish
Lavender - sweet

"These colours for the heart flow throughout the world, and into our own hearts, to brighten this home of ours". -

Seeing all those bows made me want some of my own!

I went for a hunt on Etsy and it didn't take me long before I found many sellers who made 'Hello Kitty bows':

The first one I found was this by ThePinkNinja. It's a simple little 3D hair clip, which I immediately fell in love with!

These are from Cinnamoroll Cafe. I think this seller just has purple and red, but I came across a few others that had a whole heap of different colour combinations. Go have a search :)

I recently purchased a pink bow ring from HimeHood. A few weeks before that my boyfriend got me a small bow ring I had my eye on .. and then about a month before that I brought another pink bow ring in Chinatown. THEY'RE BECOMING AN ADDICTION! But you know what I don't have yet? A Hello Kitty bow ring ;) The one above from DestinationDesign is adorable, there's many other sellers that have also made similar bow rings.

And to top it all off, Hello Kitty bow earrings! By xSweetAsCandyx, I think I may get some. They come in a variety of colours too!

That sums up my bow search for now, just have a look around Etsy and see what you can find!