Apr 22, 2010

Easter + Tupperware

LOL tupperware, for lack of a better word. I was contemplating 'cutlery' then 'plastics', but I figured my items do actually come under the category of tupperware .. anyways more about that later, you're probably like 'wtf?'

A few weeks ago I did a massive 9-hour shift at work. I ended up missing the last bus home as it was 6pm and dark so I went walkabouts while waiting for my ride home. Found myself in Coles hunting for reduced Easter goodies. And yay, found these for HALF PRICE:

Hello Kitty pez dispenser + Easter egg and Hello Kitty cup + Easter egg!

The pez dispenser was $3.50 (down from 7) and the cup was $3 (down from $6). The cup is 3d-like, you tilt it and the image changes, I think that's obvious in the photo above :)


At the end of my last blog, I said I was off Hollywood, my local bogan central, to pick up some magnets and go to the gym. I did both of those tasks, after standing in Target for a good half hour, debating whether or not to buy some 20% off Hello Kitty toys. I finally walked out of there empty-handed then floated over to Campbell's Clearance Outlet to see if they sold blank magnets. Heh, no blank magnets .. but found these:

Hello Kitty bowl, plate, cup and drink bottle

They were all on a table with a sign saying '2 for $5' .. naturally I picked up one of every item, for a total of $10 for all 4. Prettyyyy good :)


Expect a few more photo posts after this, seriously I always seem to come home with a Hello Kitty item every time I go out .. got looooots to blog about, plus I have Photoshop back on my laptop. Oh, speaking of laptop .. yeah next post.

Toodles x

Apr 9, 2010

Hello Kitty Car

:( I'm horrible with my blog updates. Okay, MASSIVE blog after this one, only blogging right now because I'm taking the pics off eBay and don't have to get my camera out and take them myself. Actually, I don't even have Photoshop right now (note to self: get Photoshop .. later)

Rah rah .. I procrastinate a lot =_=

Anyways, I'm finally starting driving lessons on Monday! Yeah, I procrastinated about that too - took me a good 2-3 weeks before I finally called my instructor. Took 2 years after I turned 16 to bother going for my L's, and it's been well over a year since I've actually done that, and only NOW have bothered to get lessons. :(

The car I have lined up for me is GREEN. Seriously .. green. It's a nice shape though, a little 2006 Ford Fiesta. It's either that or a RED Nissan Pulsar from 90-something. But dude, seriously .. it's green.

Ah well, it won't stop me from doing you-know-what to the car.

Won these off eBay last night:

10-piece car seat cover set! Comes with two front head covers, two front seat covers, two front back covers, two rear head covers, one rear back cover and one rear seat cover. Price is $65US, roughly $70-something AU?

I was considering all pink but I found a set for about $130US, 19 piece that came with all the accessories - steering wheel cover, hand brake cover, etc - but they were all pink and just had strawberries printed on them or simply 'Hello Kitty' on it (no image), as the actual seat covers were the only item with Hello Kitty printed on it. Mm .. PLUS, I tend to eat a lot =_= Chances are I'll be eating while driving one day, and spill something .. NO TO WORRY, IT'S BLACK!

Oh, and seeing as the set doesn't come with all the accessories, I'll need to buy them separately :)

I won the seat belt covers last night for $12US and I have my eye on the matching steering wheel cover, going for roughly the same price:

Everything is so pricy! But I had to resort to US eBay because Australian eBay only has about 150 car accessories?US eBay = 800+. I like my variety!

Still on my list are car stickers (window & engine), hand brake cover, rearview mirror cover, maybe a few cushions for the back seat. And a new pair of Hello Kitty slippers (or I'll just chuck my current 'home' ones in the car) for driving in comfort =P Oh, and a sunvisor CD holder thing, I already have Hello Kitty car shades .. brand new, been lying around for about 10 years. Awesome.

HAHA I feel like one of those people that spend all their money on their cars, except I'm not actually upgrading any features of my car .. just decorating it :) Ooh, can't wait to drive.

Anyways, off to Hollywood to haul some glue. Might come back with new stuff to blog about. Aww, I will blog tomorrow.

Toodles x