Apr 22, 2010

Easter + Tupperware

LOL tupperware, for lack of a better word. I was contemplating 'cutlery' then 'plastics', but I figured my items do actually come under the category of tupperware .. anyways more about that later, you're probably like 'wtf?'

A few weeks ago I did a massive 9-hour shift at work. I ended up missing the last bus home as it was 6pm and dark so I went walkabouts while waiting for my ride home. Found myself in Coles hunting for reduced Easter goodies. And yay, found these for HALF PRICE:

Hello Kitty pez dispenser + Easter egg and Hello Kitty cup + Easter egg!

The pez dispenser was $3.50 (down from 7) and the cup was $3 (down from $6). The cup is 3d-like, you tilt it and the image changes, I think that's obvious in the photo above :)


At the end of my last blog, I said I was off Hollywood, my local bogan central, to pick up some magnets and go to the gym. I did both of those tasks, after standing in Target for a good half hour, debating whether or not to buy some 20% off Hello Kitty toys. I finally walked out of there empty-handed then floated over to Campbell's Clearance Outlet to see if they sold blank magnets. Heh, no blank magnets .. but found these:

Hello Kitty bowl, plate, cup and drink bottle

They were all on a table with a sign saying '2 for $5' .. naturally I picked up one of every item, for a total of $10 for all 4. Prettyyyy good :)


Expect a few more photo posts after this, seriously I always seem to come home with a Hello Kitty item every time I go out .. got looooots to blog about, plus I have Photoshop back on my laptop. Oh, speaking of laptop .. yeah next post.

Toodles x

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  1. i love shopping for chocolate after easter! everything was reduced to half price :D