Mar 11, 2009

Hello Kitty Happy Meal

There's nothing better than rocking up to your local McDonald's on the evening of a public holiday to discover the new Happy Meal toys in store for this month ..

Hello Kitty watch

The public holiday was on Monday. It's currently Wednesday and as you can see, I've been to McDonald's every day for the past three days to acquire these watches - 'Down with Brown' and 'Purple Fairy'. I still have to collect the pink and the red I think.

Yes, they are fully functional and yes, I would wear them in public (perhaps not the brown though). I think they're cute :)

I'm pretty sure you can guess what I'll be ordering from Macca's for the next month.

Hello Kitty x MAC Bag

Kick-starting this blog with a little something I received today in the mail:

Hello Kitty x MAC shopper bag
Location: USA
Price: roughly $37AU
Ordered from eBay.

To be honest, I'm kind of disappointed. The material is very thin and paper-like, I was expecting something a bit thicker and thought it was maybe a canvas-like material lined with plastic. I feel kind of ripped off, spending almost $40 on this.

I purchased it too soon, when I heard of the limited edition MAC collection I immediately jumped onto eBay and got the bag. It's going for around $25AU on eBay now. Sigh.

I doubt I can find much use for it, it's not very strong so there goes the uni bag idea.

Makes me want to get back on eBay and purchase a more worthwhile item (perhaps the 22-piece MAC x Hello Kitty cosmetic set that went for $900+AU?).

Then again, I'm always trying to acquire items that no one else has. I doubt many people in Adelaide would have this bag. I mean I won't take it out, but yeah.

Anyway, while surfing Kitty Hell, I came across this MAC x Hello Kitty Collection advertisement. Enjoy.

Mar 6, 2009


Welcome to Kittyfied @ Blogspot. :)

Why did I create this blog?
Basically, to share an over-the-top love for all things Hello Kitty. I'll be posting photos of things I own, things I want and random Hello Kitty finds (believe me, there's a lot).

I had to make a whole blog dedicated to this because there's just too much to share and I didn't want to clutter up my Xanga.

Sit tight, I'll type up a blog about my Hello Kitty obsession soon.

In the mean time ..

Check out my Xanga, I'll probably move some of the similar Hello Kitty posts from there to here.

(Notice how 'Hello Kitty' is often tagged in my Xanga blogs?) ;)