Apr 3, 2009

Hello Kitty Thermometer

Caught the train to Uni the other day and when I got off at the city station, the small Asian gift/souvenir store had a sign reading 'CLOSING DOWN SALE: 50% OFF EVERYTHING'.

I've been meaning to check it out for a loooong time but never got around to it until now (it's amazing what sales can do to you).

So, wandered in for a look and walked out with this:

Notice the $2 pricetag? It was only a dollar, yay for bargains!

And yes, I do realise it's "fake" Hello Kitty, but hey, what do you expect for a dollar?

The box also says 'funny lamp'. The whole thing works as a night-light if you insert 4 batteries into the back, which I haven't done because I already have a Hello Kitty night-light.

However, it does accurately tell the temperature (it's 21 degrees Celcius in my room now).

Random impulse cheap bargain buy for the day :)

Hello Kitty Shower Cap

Received an item from Hong Kong in the mail the other day:

0.99USD ($1.50AUD)

Yes, a Hello Kitty shower cap.

I haven't actually used a shower cap in years, I just clip my hair up. But that habit can be easily broken. The ears stick up when you put it on. It's actually a lot better quality than expected for what I paid for it, the material is fairly thick.

Ooh, another thing to add to my collection :)

Update - still hunting for MAC

The Hello Kitty toy I received from my boyfriend for Valentine's Day =D

It's been a while since I posted on here so it's time for a little update.


In a previous blog I mentioned the MAC x Hello Kitty collection. Well surprise surprise .. I found it in stores!

I don't know why it took me so long to find out we had it, when you enter Myer the sign is right in front! But I don't shop much in the city anymore.

I googled over the collection for a good 10 minutes then finally went to ask the sales assistant about the lip conditioner. I had ordered some from eBay a few days prior for $28US (around $42AUD). She said it was $35 but it was SOLD OUT! I asked if they were getting any more, dumb question because it's a limited edition collection.

I tested the eyeshadow and it's so .. SMOOTH! I only put a little bit on and it covered my whole eyelid in this soft, smooth shade of green *faints*

Anyways, I went to another department store, David Jones, yesterday and found out they also sold the Hello Kitty collection (they didn't when I checked a few weeks back). On some of the tester items there were stickers that said 'SOLD OUT' and unfortunately it was on the 'Pink Fish' lip conditioner I wanted. ARGH! There's two colours, Pink Fish - it's a light pink - and Popster, a sort of flamingo red. One of the pressed powders was also sold out. I doubt if I brought that I'd ever use it because of the Hello Kitty face engraved into the powder. I wouldn't ever touch that.

I guess I'll have to resort to paying for the item I won on eBay. I'm kinda waiting for the USD/AUD exchage rate to improve, currently $1AU buys 70US cents .. sigh.