Jan 9, 2010

Hello Kitty Clutch

I was in desperate need for a clutch bag for outings, I only own one silver Review one with a bow - silver doesn't match with everything, unfortunately :(

Went for a hunt on eBay - I snapped up a simple black one for $5 and proceeded to check the seller's other items. They had another of the bags in white. I considered that, until I found this:


Optional shoulder strap and I like the zipper :)

It was $12, I'm a fan of buying items from one seller to save on shipping. I figured, I purchased the black one anyway, I might as well fork out that extra $12 for this super adorable pink bag :) It matches with my pink heels and I can take it out when I don't want to use a massive tote bag.

Shipping was super fast too, came in 2 days after I ordered and paid for it!

Speaking of shipping, if you look at my past blogs you'll notice I blogged about Hello Kitty Bows. I ordered the ring and it came in within a week, however I also purchased the red bow clip on the 8th of December (it's now the 9th of January) and no sign of it :( I'll blog about both when the clip comes in!

Jan 8, 2010

2010 Calendar

Belated Happy 2010 :)

My workplace is next to this balcony bit in the mall and on the floor below is a calendar stand. It's only temporary though, they set it up around early November for the Christmas rush/new year.

I checked it out around then and found a Hello Kitty calendar for AU$25.99. I mean, it was cute and all .. but I wasn't willing to fork out that much just for a calendar. I don't even use calendars. They also had a 2010 organizer/diary for around AU$27-$28. It was adorable - hard cover, tabs separating the weekly/monthly dates from the notes and address book and it was all in PASTEL COLOURS! I would have considered it, if I didn't already have an organizer/diary lined up for my 2010 schooling :)

Anyways, at work the other day I glanced down and noticed big, red '40% OFF ALL STOCK' signs around the stand. I crept a bit closer to the edge and spotted the Hello Kitty calendar still in stock. SCORE!

I was feeling a bit under the weather that day too. Needless to say, I bounded downstairs after work and purchased it for a more reasonable AU$15. It's an American calendar (more discussion after images) - US$13.99 and CAN$17.99, as printed on the back. I swear, if you converted US$13.99 to Australian dollars, in this economic state it surely wouldn't be $26 here? I'd say roughly $20, maybe a bit under.

Enough rambling:

Oh, did I mention it comes with STICKERS?!

As an Aussie, I found a lot of the American holidays listed in my calendar to be pretty interesting:

Feb. 2: Groundhog Day - man, I wish we had that here.
Mar. 20: First Day of Spring - now this is different. Flicking through, I noticed the 'first' day of each season starts around the 20-22nd of the month. Ours is just the first of the month.
Apr. 22: Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day - How cool would that be?

Ending this post with pictures of my 2010 organizer that came with my Hello Kitty showbag:

Toodles :)