Sep 2, 2009

Show Update


I went to the showgrounds today to fill out some forms, grab my uniform etc.

It was filled with people setting up. I mean, I've always known someone had to set up the show .. actually, it never really crossed my mind, I just kinda go there and assume it popped out of nowhere, haha!

But yeah, into the showbag pavillion I went. I got there 30 minutes early (+ brownie points to me) and got told to walk around and have a look. No surprise that I checked out the Hello Kitty showbags first (sneak peak!) ;)

.. they're crap.

Yep, sorry to kill it for ya'. I blogged yesterday about the 'fake' Hello Kitty items. You see, the bag itself and the display board is the 'real' Hello Kitty image. The items are a tad weird .. actually just Hello Kitty's face looks weird. The bag's fine, the items = *thumbs down*

I just Googled the Hello Kitty showbag, this is the display I saw today (haven't seen the second one yet).

Images from
Trinket Box

Hand Towel

Photo Frame



Wall Clock

Opinions on the showbag? Would you buy it? :)


  1. Seeing as you're a dedicated hello kitty fan...BUY IT :D Or.. just use your money on RIDES and FAIRY FLOSS :D And you never know, the items may be handy one day.

  2. :O D: Its not as good :(
    i remember when i was young I use to go spastic for show bags, but now its like:
    "$25 for 5 lollies?"
    Your working at a showbag stan??? Which one? I would love to make your life a living hell there ;)