Aug 31, 2009


3 days to go until *dum dum dum* THE ADELAIDE SHOOOOOOOOW!

It's this once a year carnival thing that happens in Adelaide (probably the only decent thing to happen in Adelaide) with rides, games, showbags etc.

Why am I blogging about it on here? Well, a few years ago (three, I think) they released Hello Kitty showbags! There were 2 different bags filled with different items. I went on the second day (out of 9 days) and one was already SOLD OUT! Grrr. So I got the other one. Last year there was only one showbag that contained the exact same items as the one I got the year before. I brought it anyway, haha.

THIS YEAR, there's 2! Both with completely different items to the previous years, and both sound so good!

Info from

Hello Kitty #1 - $22 (valued at $62.60)
1 Hello Kitty Handbag
1 Hello Kitty Cap
1 Hello Kitty Diary
1 Hello Kitty Watch
1 Hello Kitty Stickers
1 Hello Kitty Head Band
1 Hello Kitty Highlighter Pen Set
1 Hello Kitty Cosmetic Pouch

Hello Kitty #2 - $22 (valued at $54.70)
1 Hello Kitty Wall Clock
1 Hello Kitty Trinket Box
1 Hello Kitty Cosmetic Bag
1 Hello Kitty Hand Towel
1 Hello Kitty Photo Frame
1 Hello Kitty Address Book

$22 each, not bad! The site didn't have images of the items so I guess we'll have to wait and see what they look like. I'd photograph my old showbags, some of the items are still unused but they aren't the greatest.

Shoot me if I don't get my hands on one this year :(

I should though, I'm working at the show! In the SHOWBAG PAVILLION! Unfortunately not for the Hello Kitty showbags, I think I'll be doing more the chocolate/lolly showbags.

Woop, 3 days to go! =D


  1. OMG COOL! Sounds like fun! I'm not going this year though, so have funnnnnnnnn! :D

    If I see you, I'll poke you in the eye! =D