Aug 1, 2009

Hello Kitty T-Shirt

I was job hunting a few weeks ago and stumbled onto the JayJay's website. This is what the main page looked like ..


I also found out they were running a competition to promote the tees.
"Tell us in 25 words or less what you would ask Hello Kitty if you met her and why".

The prize: a Hello Kitty plush toy, valued at $300.


Anyways, I went to check out the shirts yesterday and came out with this:

I'll share my competition entry when the competition's over. If I win. Hah. ;)


  1. @JAY JAY'S
    looks like

    Just thought i'd point that out. XD

  2. omg. i wanna do the competition. haha im going to go check jayjay's out! :D