Aug 15, 2009

Hello Kitty Pocky-like Sticks

I was in Chinatown the other week and dropped by the Asian Grocery for some Milk Tea *drools* I always check out the sweets aisle because they always have new interesting random things .. Anyways, came out with this:

Chocolate & Strawberry flavour!

It's like Pocky except you dip the sticks. But it ISN'T Pocky because I found actual Hello Kitty Pocky at the same store about 2 years ago:

+ Milk Tea and GIANT POCKY!

Their items always seem to be one-off's, I go there and buy things then never see them again .. like the $20 box of GIANT POCKY I once brought. That was literally a one-off, it was the only box there haha.

I just figured that marketing anything to me would be pretty easy, just label it with Hello Kitty ..


  1. what if there was a hello kitty sex toy?? would u consider buying it ><" well i know that was random but yeah just my curiosity haha

  2. Awesome blog! Your Hello Kitty Dip Stick Biscuits are a lot like Yan Yan :) I get most of my candy at They have a ton of candy to keep my sugar frenzy in check. They also have a pretty cool Hello Kitty section. And Giant Strawberry Pocky is no problem. Happy snacking!

  3. We have a "Hello Kitty" Section that you may like! :)

  4. cool, thanks for the link! i'll definitely buy from there soon :)