Mar 15, 2010


BLAH I'm yet to blog about my Melbourne finds. Which wasn't much, just a few shirts and stuff and .. OH WAIT nah I actually got some pretty interesting stuff! Now that I think back to it haha, will have to wait as I can't be stuffeddd taking photos :)

Okay, to be honest, my computer is somewhat virused and I'm holding out for 2 weeks for a new laptop. I really should order it now, but yet again, CAN'T BE STUFFEDDD zzz ..


I ordered myself a little Hello Kitty Scientific Calculator off eBay :) Yes .. studying Market Analysis and requiring a scientific calculator was just another excuse for me to go out and buy something Hello Kitty. Yeah, it was $32 from Hong Kong. And yeah, it's the lightest, most dodgiest plastic 'calculator' I have ever seen. And it will most likely die in my exam. BUT IT'S SO CUTE! And it's actually licensed by Sanrio, not some random rip-off - I'm relying on that authenticity to keep my calculator alive, at least until the end of my exam.

Photos soon .. in a while, I can barely open anything because my laptop is so screwed.

Melb haul involved 2 shirts, a stationery set, a folder, a bobble head, some chocolates and a *dum dum* XYLOPHONE. YES, I BOUGHT MYSELF A HELLO KITTY XYLOPHONE.

Story of that is, we were browsing the markets. There wasn't much compared to Sydney but, anyways .. I walked past a xylophone. Seriously, how could I pass that up? No one I know has a Hello Kitty xylophone, the thought never even occurred to me, but I was like HOW RANDOM! $12 secured me a small xylophone. Best. Purchase. Ever.

Hope that post was 'update'-ish enough, photos will all be stuffed into another post when I get Photoshop up and running again :) Trust me, the photos will so be worth it. Might ramble a bit more about my finds as well =D


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