Jul 27, 2010

Costume Plushies + AVCon + Scooter

It's July, and you know what that means?


Yup, all department stores are having them, and Target's opened at midnight on Thursday.

Thursday night I headed to the shops, unplanned, with my friend. I was curious about the toy sale so we casually went to check it out. And to my surprise, found these two ADORABLE little babies:

HOW CUTE ARE THEY?! My poor *guy* friend had to put up with my excessive squealing, jumping around the had to follow me around the shops while I proudly held them up *big grin*

I checked Target's online catalogue later and found out that there were in fact FOUR costume HK plushies. The store I visited were overstocked with the bear and tiger, but didn't have any sheep or the other one (it's grey).

I sent the boyfriend to check the Target near his place, no luck, still the brown ones left. I ventured to the Target near my place on Saturday and found ONE white sheep left. I checked the city store and after searching four different stores, still can't find the grey one! :(

Oh, they were $15 each! Down from $20.

The hunt continues ..


AVCon (anime & video convention) was last weekend. I've never been and I've been meaning to go for a few years now, just to check it out. Anyways I headed there on Sunday with my friend. Entry was $30 but luckily at the door, some lady was willing to give us 2 passes for $15 each - HALF PRICE! So we took it.

I suppose I'm not really into anime. Or video games. They had a few stalls though, and I found one called 'Kawaii Imports'. They import stuff here basically. Anyway they had a heap of Hello Kitty, so I picked up a 4-in-1 pen (blue, black and red pen plus a pink highlighter) and some stamps:

It was alright I suppose, you'd have to be REALLY into anime and gaming to enjoy it. Mm, other than that it was good :)


So my next purchase kinda .. doesn't need explaining? Well it does. But yeah. See for yourself:



No idea WHAT came over me when I bought it, I looked back a few days later and realised it was just sitting there and thought .. I'm never gonna use this, am I? But seriously, IT'S A SCOOTER! *excited* LOL it's actually uber adorable, and no I don't care if I look like a massive douche riding it. YEAH I'M GONNA RIDE IT LOL. Summer is gonna be awesome, gonna bring it to the beach and parks and ride around .. no joke. It's barely adjustable to my height and the weight limit is 50kg, meaning it's obviously designed for kids. The lady suggested some other scooters though .. but I don't really need a scooter. And I wouldn't buy one if it wasn't Hello Kitty!


Tomorrow I'm venturing off to Sydney, AGAIN. I'm definitely gonna check out Maruyu, it's about a 2-minute walk from my hotel? Paddy's Markets, Chinatown, Market City are at the top of my list for Hello Kitty hunting!

On a side note, gonna be attending WINTERBEATZ, going on a dinner cruise along Sydney Harbour and doing lots and lots of shopping!


Toodles x

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