Jun 10, 2010

Haitus + rambling

Mm I know I barely update this anyway :( I have so many drafts saved but yeah, I'm so lazy .. actually I'm procrastinating as I'm typing this up -- 3 major assignments due next week! While everyone else is on SWOTVAC for uni. But I only have one exam, hah!

ATTEMPTING to take a break from my online life. Well I started with the shopping, chucked all my money into my second bank account and within the hour, ended up Paypal-ing a skirt with my first one -- fail. Thought about deactivating Facebook etc, might do that soon :(

I spent a good hour yesterday at uni browsing through the official Sanrio online store, why oh why do they only ship to US/Canada/Japan?! I found a seller on eBay located in Japan who buys directly from the Sanrio store apparently, but it's way overpriced. But .. SANRIO STORE IN SYDNEY! YAY! That's not Gift Gate! I first came across Gift Gate in the Philippines in 2001, stocked up on heaps of goodies. When I went back in 2007, the place had majorly downsized. Disappointed :( Gift Gate is also located in Chinatown in Melbourne/Sydney but I actually hate how overpriced everything is, if you're in Sydney you might as well walk down 200m to Market City. Oh but heads up from Danny in my previous blog, $2.50 store in Sydney! Which I looked up and is about a 2-minute walk from my hotel =D Link is here -- click click! I actually have so much more motivation to save for Sydney because of that LOL, shall be living in that store every day!

Anyway, photo spam you say? These are all already on my computer. I took these for a magazine assignment a few weeks back, obviously chose Hello Kitty as my topic because I'll be more likely to complete the assignment if it's something I'm interested in :) Oh and for the 'own photos' bit .. I mean, I just took photos of all my stuff LOL EASY!

My Nintendo DS + Accessories: I probably should've gotten a photo of the outside of the DS too, nothing flash but I have a white Hello Kitty hard case over it. The inside bit are just stickers, the colour blends in well with my DS hey? :) Got Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams from my friend for my 18th, poor girl said she was embarrassed buying it because the guy thought it was for her. She said it was for a friend and he didn't believe her LOL.

My laptop accessories: Went all out for my new laptop, it's pink! Laptop bag from eBay for around $14, the vacuum and keyboard duster + cloth were $1.50 each on eBay, mouse from eBay, foldable rubber keyboard $22.50 from Market City in Sydney, speakers from the ex and 4gb USB from a friend :)

MAC x Hello Kitty collection: I can guarantee that the eyeshadow ($90, David Jones) and possibly the shopper tote bag ($40, online) are authentic. Yes, $40 for a thin bag .. sigh. Bought it within the week the collection was released, it went down to like $10 on eBay after a few months. I intended to only purchase the bag from the collection, there was no way I could afford the whole thing, note that the majority of the items pictured are FAKE. Why? The two black tubes are mascara + eyeliner: $16 for both off eBay, MAC never released any mascara/eyeliner with the collection. Same with the concealer, $10 from Paddy's Markets in Sydney LOL obviously fake. Two of the lipglass pictured are POSSIBLY authentic, I purchased two for about $12 each then another 2 after for .. like $3 each? HAHA plus the tubes are noticeably a different sized compared to the earlier ones I bought, which were from a seller in Australia - the second ones were from Hong Kong. BUT - the box/packaging looks identical, looks so authentic *however* MAC only released 6 shades of lipglass for the collection. I have 4 different ones, I remember there's a clear and a purple one, so the 4 I have may be the remaining colours? *shrug* I know for sure 2 definitely are. Despite the fact that half of these are fake, they're so cute for carrying around :) I carry all my lipglass in its .. 2 boxes. The fake items (eyeliner, mascara, concealer) are all pretty dodgy but eh, looks cute just sitting there :)

"The Assignment" -- had to get it professionally printed, cost me $33. And I got a Credit. SERIOUSLYYY I think it deserves at least a distinction. Some of my best work, pffttt :(

ANYWAY shall return later. After exams and stuff. Probably 3-4 weeks. WITH an actual blog about products. I need to purchase Hello Kitty contact lens cases from FocalPrice, still waiting on my contacts to come in *twiddles thumbs*

Bye :) xx


  1. Your Hello Kitty speakers - where do you get them? And how good are they? (I mean quality)
    : )

  2. eBay, they're fairly cheap :) nothing too flash and they're heaps basic, i've had them for a while so the quality has gone really fuzzy now >< but they lasted for a good 2years+ haha, awesome for $10!